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Who we are - We are a lifestyle management company dedicated to solving problems, saving time and making your life easier. CID in the news...

We believe in only doing what matters - so spend your time doing what you love and let CID handle the rest

The firm

At Consider it Done we believe everyone should spend time doing what they love. We inspire people to participate in the things that matter most to them so that life is full of meaningful experiences. From New York to Aspen or anywhere around the globe, we handle the details and you make it happen!

The team

The Consider it Done team of experts includes a talented group of people from a variety of professional backgrounds and industries including advertising, publishing, event management, fashion and public relations. We hire talented people who provide the highest attention to detail. We are committed to making life easier so that you can spend time doing the things that you love.

Julie Subotky

Founder, CEO/Owner

Julie Subotky      Julie created Consider it Done ten years ago in Aspen, Colorado. "People would arrive in town and not know who to call when they needed something done. From babysitters to private jet charters to New Year's parties, everyone seemed to have something that they didn't have time to do so I helped them make it happen." In 1997, Julie moved to New York where she discovered there were more busy people with even more things to get done. So, Consider it Done expanded. While in New York, Julie began working with corporate clients. After organizing Revlon's corporate communications and putting filing systems in place, she moved on to coordinate details for their top spokesmodels. When Estee Lauder needed their office address books organized, they called Julie who then moved on to coordinate everything from their personal organizing to gift buying. Julie has worked with high profile celebrity PR firms all over New York to coordinate events, set up press rooms, put together gift bags and make all VIP arrangements. The GAP hired her to assist them in designing a logo for an internal project. For Unilever, Julie was brought on to do work for their National Sales conference - she made sure that selling salad dressing was fun. As time passed, the word spread and soon diplomats and foreign ministers from all around the world called Julie to coordinate all of their travel arrangements, transportation, security, media appearances, speeches and getting everyone from place to place on time. She has coordinated projects in the United States and London as well as the first Aspen Institute Socrates in the Hamptons, NY. Recently, Julie launched a concierge service for more than 15 apartment buildings in New York and San Francisco. Julie has put together the most talented team in town, from New York to Aspen and San Francisco or anywhere around the globe, Consider it Done makes it happen.

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