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Whatever you don’t have time to do . . . Consider It Done.

We believe in spending time doing what you love . . . but a long to-do list can get in the way.

So for all the items on your task list that never seem to get checked off, delegate them to us and watch your to-do list get smaller while your free time expands!

Personal Assistants


Receive the very best in research, logistics and arrangements. Whether you need a personal assistant a few hours a week or have just one task that needs to be completed, we’ll make life easier for you.  

A Consider it Done personal assistant will clear that stack of paperwork off your desk, book a family trip to Hawaii or shop for and send out the perfect gift. You’ll receive the very best in research, logistics and arrangements.

You’re at work . . . we’re packing. You’re spending time with your kids . . . we’re overseeing the movers. You’re on vacation . . . We’re unpacking boxes and organizing closets. Have a CID move planner handle the details of your move and you’ll simply walk through the front door and enjoy your new home! 

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Consider it Done coordinates special events worldwide with a personal touch and your signature style. We can spearhead your event from start to finish or jump in at any point along the way to ensure things are executed smoothly. You’ll get to enjoy your guests and rest assured that every detail is in place.

Gift Buying & Personal Shopping

Concierge Services

No time to shop? Let a Consider it Done personal assistant handle all of your gift giving. From baby gifts to hostess gifts; birthday gifts to wedding gifts, we will find the perfect present for the person in your life that has everything. If And for your own shopping needs, we’ll send one of our experts out to get you outfitted in no time! From tickets and reservations, to an interior designer or a personal chef, our high-end concierge program consists of a broad range of services that makes your life easier in so many ways. When you need something reserved, booked, bought or arranged, we’ll assist with all of your daily affairs – everything from tickets and reservations, to an interior designer or a personal chef. Your itinerary will run smoothly from start to finish. Whether you want a single airline ticket, transportation arranged in another city or a great hotel we’ll get it done. Your itinerary will run smoothly from start to finish. A ski trip, renting a villa or a yacht, an unforgettable honeymoon or a business meeting abroad, we’ll make sure that you have the best of the best in accommodations and fares.