How to avoid administrative tasks and do more deals

This week I spoke to a group who wanted to know how to avoid administrative tasks so that they could do more deals.   It seems people are getting bogged down by their administrative work and not able to focus on what really matters to them or to their business.  I hear this a lot.  People are hiring us to get things done because they have just too much to do.  Even executives with two and sometimes three assistants have too much work and hire us.  So, I agree, people are busy and time is valuable.

But the thing is, it’s NOT about avoiding the administrative tasks.  It’s about avoiding YOU doing the administrative tasks.  There will ALWAYS be administrative tasks.  Once you recognize that they are not going away and that even if you don’t do them they are not going away, you can look to figure out how someone else can get them done for you.

The simple thing to do is to hire an administrative assistant.  But if that’s just not in the cards for you at the moment, don’t worry, you are not out of luck .  Look in your life and utilize your own experts.  When i’m in a pinch and can’t find a babysitter, the first thing I do is call my other mom friends because they’ll understand my situation and look to help out.  But the truth is, they are just as busy as I am and I should really be calling my friends that don’t have kids. To them, it’s a treat to get to take my son to the park for an hour in the afternoon.  Think about who else you can call for assistance and support – it’s often not the person you first thing to call.

The other way to get the administrative tasks done is to find someone who likes to do the things that you do not. There is likely someone in your circle of friends who loves to proofread documents, or do data entry or bake cookies for the school pta meeting.  And you will likely be able to do something that they don’t like to do – like organize a closet or send out holiday cards.

It’s about being resourceful about how to get things done, utilizing your experts and ultimately gaining more time to do what matters most.

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