How to be Grateful for your List

So many times we find ourselves struggling with our to-do lists. We want to get everything checked off quickly and efficiently so that we are free and don’t have a thing to do.

I am the queen of the to-do list. I found that especially when I was heading out of town, I liked to have every single thing checked off my list so that I could relax and enjoy my vacation. This was the case until the day that I ran around like a crazy person doing, doing, doing until I got on a plane and caught myself. I sat down in my seat, got situated and took out my notebook to make a list of what I needed to do when I got back to town. What?! I’d just spent the last few days scrambling to get everything done so that I could have freedom! That’s when I realized… that there will always be a list.

Just knowing that I will always have a list allows me to look at my tasks daily and be ok with just being productive and crossing a few things off. I no longer have to worry about how many things are getting done and how quickly, but can remember to move forward every day on something that I want to get accomplished.

Plus, when I stop doing tasks on the list, and really think about why I even have a list in the first place, I realize that most of the items I’ve taken the time to write down on my list I chose to do because they will make a difference either for me or for someone I care about. Consider this: if you really don’t want to do something on your list – take it off. You can always add it back later if you really miss it – but give yourself a break and don’t keep something on there if you are never really going to get it done.

Know that the day that you don’t have a list is likely the day that you’re no longer here on the planet. Or, if you are here, check to see if you are making any kind of a difference in the world. Checking in with that allows me to embrace my list and even be grateful for it.


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