Start a Tradition to Save Time

Holidays are times that we come back and remember each year.  They are milemarkers for where we are in our lives and a way to connect with family and friends.  I love looking back at the same time each year from the same place and noticing how many things have happened from last year to this.  Sometimes I don’t even recognize the person that I was only one year before – like the year I met my husband and got married – all within one year!

It’s also an opportunity to get together with people we never quite seem to see at other times of the year, but we look forward to the one annual event or holiday that we know we will spend together.  It’s even more fun to look back at the year together and share the events that have happened.

Now, with a young son, I’m looking for ways to create traditions.  Every year we go to Colorado for Thanksgiving.  Christmas is with his cousins.  Each fall we go apple/pumpkin picking and then the night before Halloween we carve a pumpkin.  Creating traditions around holidays is easy and a great way to mark special events.

Time is a big consideration for most people, but  creating traditions is the perfect way to save time.   When you don’t have to think about what you are going to serve for dinner or what you are going to do for a certain event – suddenly, the planning becomes easier and it becomes about what new and creative things you can do this year.  Think about it – cooking a Thanksgiving meal may be time consuming, but the menu planning is usually done in a snap.

So if you know that you’re the person who likes to throw the Halloween party and not feel pressured to host any other upcoming holiday festivities – do it.  Make it a tradition.  Other people will appreciate knowing that you’ve got that covered each year.  The stress of wondering what to do disappears because you’ll do what you always do –  maybe with a little twist.  You’ll also learn what works and what doesn’t  and laugh through the years at the things that didn’t turn out.  (Like the year someone in my house decided to play scary music when trick-or-treaters came to the door, but the first group of kids were too little and got scared and went running home)!  Ooops.  After that we decided not to be the house that played the scary music.

Sometimes things stick and just become traditions, but we can also choose to start an annual event and holidays are the perfect time.

Happy Halloween!


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