How to Be a Cute Valentine

Valentine’s Day is traditionally about romance. But somehow, over the years it’s become less and less about love and more about outdoing your significant other with a stunning display of cuteness. So yes, with that kind of pressure, people often need assistance (and ideas) for wooing (and wowing) their mates.

First off, know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be original. Here’s one supercreative (and in my opinion quite romantic) idea: How about naming a star after the person you love most in the universe? The two most popular star-naming companies are the International Star Registry and Name-A-Star.  For as little as $30, you’ll get a certificate, a picture, and information about the star that you can wrap up and give to your loved one (technically, stars are officially naed by the International Astronomical Union, but the certificate you receive looks real and unless your Valentine is in the International Astronomical Union, he or she won’t know the difference!) It’s also easy to write a sweet (yes, on any other day it might be considered cheesy) poem to go along with your gift. Perhaps start with “Star light, star bright, the most beautiful star I see tonight” . . . then make up the rest. Aww.

Another option is to put a twist on the typical romantic dinner. How about arranging to go to a favorite restaurant and hire serenaders for the finishing touch? If you think this might have the opposite effect and the embarrassment could send your sweetie heading for the door, you could hire a chef to prepare a private dinner at your house and surprise your Valentine with serenaders in the privacy of your own home. You’ll have the same experience of an amazing and romantic dinner, but in a more intimate setting (lots of things that seem obnoxious in public can be romantic in private – this is one of them).

Don’t want to spring for the Philharmonic? You can always find someone with a violin looking to make a few extra bucks. Try the local high school, which always has an orchestra. Trust me; your date will be so blown away by the gesture, he or she won’t notice if the music’s a little off-key. This is one of the few instances where it really is the thought that counts.

Remember: The key to being a cute Valentine is to make your gift as personal as possible. If you hire a violinist, have him play your date’s favorite song; if you name a star after her, choose one in her zodiac sign’s constellation. Whatever you do, make it meaningful. The more thought you put into it, the more romantic it will be.

Still looking to be original? What about a singing telegram? You could send one to the office or surprise your loved one somewhere he’d least expect it, like the gym (see “How to Arrange a Singing Telegram,” on page 136 of the book.


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