how to have a happy family holiday and minimize the chance of a blow up

For most of us, family brings out both the best and the worst of us and after a few hectic weeks of parties and shopping and travel we find ourselves spending the holidays with loved ones.   It’s an accident (or a blow up) waiting to happen.  In case you find yourself teetering on the edge of a disastrous situation here are a few quick tips to help save both the day and your sanity.

1.  Abide by the motto:  short and sweet.  If you plan short visits you are less likely to get annoyed, keeping the holidays festive and fun.

2.  Focus on the good.  Talk about fun things and focus on what you like about each other -not the things that annoy you.

3.  Sleep.  Be sure you get enough rest before you spend the day with your family.  If you didn’t get enough sleep – excuse yourself and go take a nap.  They are family – they’ll understand and if they don’t, then better to have them talking about how rude you were for going to take a snooze than re-hash the inevitable argument for years to come.

4.  Set your intention.  Before you even walk into the room – set your intention for what you are creating.  I do this all the time.  It helps me get present to what I’m walking in to and it takes me out of any petty nonsense of the moment.  Do it as needed throughout the day.

4.  Watch the movie “It’s a wonderful life”.  A little dose of George Baily is sure to  have everyone feeling grateful and appreciative.  Plus, movies are a good way to spend a few hours enjoying each others company… in silence.

6.  Take a walk.  If you feel things heating up – get out and take a walk.  Some fresh air will do everyone some good.

If it’s too late and you find yourself in mid-blow-up,  recognize it and call it quits.  Remember that you’re doing yourself a favor.  Do you want to sit around being mad for hours?  If you smooth things over you’re not giving in to make the other person happy, you’re taking the angst away from your own self.

Happy Holidays!




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