Last things first

Every day we each spend time getting things done.  There are things that we like to do and things that we could leave until tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that…. But the bottom line is, the things that we like to do, usually get done first.

This is just fine with me, especially since I believe in doing what you love.  If you do the things you enjoy, then you will always be doing what you love.  But what about the rest of the to-do’s?  What if we looked at it slightly differently, if only for the sake of getting it all done.

One approach is to look at our to do lists from a practical point of view rather than heads from the emotional perspective.  Take a look at your list and write down the the 3 most important things on it.   Those are now the three things that must get done today. In fact, tell yourself that you cannot check email, answer the phone or send even a quick tweet, UNTIL you have moved those three things forward – imagine the productivity!

So here is a summary for of easiest way to start on a path of getting your to do list done:

1.  Look at your list and choose the three most important things.

2.  Write down the three things and include the next action step that needs to be taken.  Include it even if you know it’s “call my mother” or make a dentist appointment.  Get the contact information now – while you are making the list.  Write down your mother’s number or the dentist’s number right there on the list, just to make it easier for yourself.

3.  Do those three things before you do anything else that day.

4.  Rejoice in the fact that you just got three important things done and it’s only 10am.

Important:  There is power in delegating.  You really don’t need to do everything yourself.  AND remember that if it’s not getting done and it’s been on the list more than 3 months – maybe it’s time to give yourself a break and take it off the list.

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