How to find out if your house is haunted!

Halloween has many of us thinking about ghosts, goblins and even the possibility that our house may be haunted!  If it’s crossed your mind, you are not alone.  I address this topic in detail in my new book:  Consider it Done, How to accomplish 228 of life’s trickiest tasks.  Believe it or not, I have had people call to ask me about this.

Since the book is not out for a few months… here are a few quick tips to help you figure out if your house is indeed haunted.

First, you must ask your self the question:  Do I believe in ghosts, spirits or the supernatural?

If you answered “no”, your house is definitely not haunted.  Because even if it were, you wouldn’t believe it, so therefore, it’s not.

Next, know that if you’ve got it in your head that your house is fact haunted, logic probably won’t be enough to convince you otherwise, so you’ll need to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it.

The first thing to do is make a list of unexplained phenomena.  Keep a journal and record everything out of the ordinary.  And then – this may be scary – personally investigate any problem areas.  If a closet door opens and closes on its own unexpectedly, go inside the closet and snoop around (if you’re going to be a baby about it, do it when there’s some daylight).  Is there a loose hinge on the door, perhaps?  Or evidence that a mouse or other four-legged creature has recently taken up residence (which may or may not be scarier than a ghost)  If strange noises are coming from the attic, go up and spend some time looking for rotting floorboards, drfts, and (sorry!) rodents (again for peace of mind, take another person up there with you).  If you see a strange shadow, don’t run away:  go toward it.  With a baseball bat.

If after all this, you still can’t find a rational explanation for what’s happening call upon a friend, one who doesn’t believe in this sort of thing is a good choice here.  Ask your friend – and new paranormal investigator – to stick around and observe some of the phenomena that take place at night.  If even he sees doors open or close unexpectedly, hears cries or whispers, sees lights turn on or off when no one else is around, feels hot or cold spots, sees objects levitate or move, or actually catches a glimpse of apparitions or ghosts, then your house might actually be haunted.

People may laugh at you for believing in ghosts in the first place, but try not to take it personally.  Lighten up and laugh at yourself a bit.  Look at it this way:  neither you nor they will really be able to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, so you might as well seek some common ground here.

This plus the belief that some ghosts (can you say Casper) really are friendly, should get your through the month of October, unscathed.  Boo!



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