Done! An intro.

This is a blog about getting things done.  It is for people who know how to get things done and for people who want to know how to get things done.  Let’s face it, we are all getting things done everyday and some of us are just more efficient at it.  But I can assure you…. the ability to get things done is a skill that can be taught.  And those of us who are the most resourceful in the bunch – we are always looking for new tricks and tips for how to efficiently cross the items off our list so here is a place that we’ll share tips and tricks and inspire each other to get things done.

My Background:  15 years ago I started a company called Consider it Done. I was living in Aspen, Colorado and people would come to town and leave their assistants at home.  They needed help with everything from planning parties to arranging travel and wrapping holiday gifts.  I offered to take care of things.  I love helping people, creating solutions and being resourceful so as far as I was concerned I had come up with the best job ever.  Then, after 9 years of skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking and having fun getting people organized, I decided it was time for me to venture off and try a new city.  I knew I could go back to Aspen at any time, so, I headed for New York City.

In the big apple, I planned to look for a “job” but what I found was a need for the same thing.  People in this busy city needed assistance with everything and before I knew it, I was doing tasks and making things happen.  I was working with busy individuals, corporations and diplomats.  The requests were unique and challenging and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn to navigate New York City.

For me, getting things done is exciting and fun.  It’s in my nature.  It’s who I am.  Some of you probably are this person and others of you know this person.  The type of person who plans the birthday parties or pulls together a group vacation before you even know you’d agreed to go.  My most recent get it done project is was a book Consider it Done, How to accomplish 228 of life’s trickiest tasks and this got done just after my first baby (Elias Jake) was born.

My intention with this blog is to create a space where those of us who are resourceful can contribute to and teach people how to easily and efficiently get their to-do-lists done.   So come on – jump in -it’s great to learn from each other, plus, it’s inspiring. And if you need assistance making sure things are all handled, you’ve come to the right place too – just let us know what you need and we’ve got you covered.

Are you great at getting something done?  Please share!

Do you need assistance getting something done?  Ask!

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